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What cleaning supplies do the DJB Cleaning Service ladies carry on them and what do we as clients need to provide in the apartment?

All DJB cleaning Our ladies carry vacuums as well as sponges & rags on them. Our clients provide the cleaning solutions (i.e. Fantastic, Windex, and Tilex) Please ask about our Green Cleaning.  We have years of Environmentally Friendly non-toxic, Green House Cleaning experience. We provide the best Eco friendly cleaning services

How long do standard apartment cleanings last?

Studio - 2 1/2 hours
1 BR – 3 hours
2 BR – 3 1/2 hours
3 BR – 4 hours
4 BR – 4 1/2 hours

If there are any oversights by the DJB, we will you send a cleaning lady back to fix it free of charge?

Yes. We will send a cleaning lady back to the apartment free of charge if there are any oversights from our checklist, but we must be notified within 24 hours of completion of the apartment/office.

Why are afternoon appointments scheduled with arrival windows instead of at a set time?

We are able to schedule set morning appointments considering they are the first appointments of the day. Our afternoon appointments have to be set as arrival windows since our cleaning ladies are coming from their previous appointments.

Is DJB available on weekends to schedule cleanings?

We are available to clean every day of the week.

How many cleaning ladies do you have working in the city daily?

We have approximately 10-12 cleaning ladies working in the city daily.

Do clients have the option to schedule reoccurring cleaning appointments?

Yes. Many of our clients chose the convenience of scheduling reoccurring cleaning appointments. We offer the options to schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Does DJB accept credit cards?

First time clients require cash payment, but any reoccurring clients can pay via credit card.

What is your referral program?

We offer 20% off for any NEW customer or for any customer that refers us to a friend.

What our clients are saying

"Grace came by today and did a fantastic job!  She is very pleasant and hard working and we would love to have her come every 2 weeks. You are the best" - Nicole

"Wow!!! What an amazing cleaning service! I've used several different companies in Manhattan and DJB is by far the most efficient with the best cleaning results. My bed was made, dishes done, even clothes folded! I highly recommend them"– Shaun

Email or call us at 718.216.9798 and a representative will contact you for a free estimate.

Expanded business hours

We have changed our business hours to serve you better. We are now open 7 days a week

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Where to Find Us:

DJB Cleaning Service
PO Box 190
New York, NY 10002

Grace Jin

Phone. 718.216.9798

What's New

Extended business hours

To accommodate our customers' busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open 9:00am - 9:00pm. Please email or call for an appointment.


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